Medical Malpractice

The attorneys of the O’Connor Law Group, LLC have significant experience handling Illinois medical malpractice cases. Under the direction of attorney Bryan J. O’Connor, the attorneys of the O’Connor Law Group have recovered millions for medical negligence victims in Illinois including:

  •  $2,350,000 settlement for 68 year old Peoria man who presented at the emergency room at a downstate hospital with stroke symptoms, but had contraindications which should have alerted the emergency physician not to administer TPA stroke medicine because of high bleeding risks.  After receiving TPA, our client sustained a significant brain bleed requiring surgery, and causing permanent disability. Bryan J O’Connor handled the case.
  • $734,000 jury verdict for a disabled 64 year old man afflicted with chronic back and neck pain, who sustained injury after an epidural steroid injection for pain.  We claimed that the anesthesiologist failed to determine that our client had stopped taking a blood thinner prior to the injection. As a result, he sustained a spinal hematoma, requiring emergency surgery and a resulting spinal reconstruction.   The defense refused to make any settlement offer, requiring a trial.  Bryan J O’Connor Jr was one of the trial attorneys.
  • $5.9 million settlement for 9 year old girl who suffered brain damage from a hypoglycemic coma as a result of a dietician and physician error in prescribing a diet. Defense blamed the girl’s mother for not properly following the doctor’s orders, but we discovered that the medical records had been altered to try to hide the mistake. Once the alteration was uncovered, the case settled. Bryan J. O’Connor was co-lead counsel in the case.
  • $2 million settlement for family of a 2-year old boy, who died in a hospital burn unit, where the severity of the child’s burns were misdiagnosed. The hospital claimed the boy died from a heart attack. When we were hired, we suspected the autopsy was incorrect, and had the child’s body exhumed, with the consent of the family and the Catholic Church. On exhumation, the heart was missing. After extensive investigation, the child’s heart was located at a southwest suburban pathology lab. On examination of the heart by our experts, it was proved that the boy did not have a heart attack and the case quickly settled. Bryan J. O’Connor was trial counsel.
  • $1 million settlement for a 60 year old electrician, who was deprived of needed medications while in jail. In this case, the client had a history of high blood pressure, and needed certain medications. His driver’s license had previously been suspended, and when he was arrested for driving on a suspended license, he was sentenced to 7 days at Cook County Jail. The Jail staff failed or refused to give the client his medicine, and he suffered a stroke the same day he was released from jail. We proved that the failure to give the client his medicine was the cause of the stroke. Bryan J O’Connor handled the case.
  • $3.5 million settlement for family of 29 year old downstate Illinois woman, who died from complications arising from preeclampsia/HELLP syndrome after giving birth to her first child. The defense claimed that the doctor or hospital staff could not have anticipated the complication, but we proved that there were signs that were ignored and that the deceased should have been given medication hours before she died. This was a near record settlement for this particular county in downstate Illinois. The case was handled by Bryan J O’Connor.
  • $2.75 jury verdict to the family of a severely handicapped 2-year old girl with multiple congenital abnormalities, who died when physicians performed an unnecessary surgery because of a misdiagnosis of a tumor, which resulted from misreading a CT scan. The surgeon claimed the girl required the surgery, but at trial, the radiologist admitted that the CT scan did not show a tumor, but that the girl simply had pneumonia. Bryan J. O’Connor was the trial attorney.

Medical Negligence can often result in serious injury causing substantial hardship and difficulty for those affected by it. Medical Malpractice cases can occur when a patient, through the negligent conduct of a medical professional or health care facility, suffers a serious physical injury. Even if you signed a waiver prior to treatment, you may still be entitled to malpractice related compensation for your injuries.

Malpractice is known to occur in hospitals & nursing homes, or even as the result of visiting a pharmacist. Medical malpractice may even exist when the alleged negligent conduct only aggravates a pre-existing medical condition.

Whenever a medical professional fails to care for a patient as required by the medical standard of care, and a serious injury is sustained, there may be a claim of medical malpractice.

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