Product Liability

The attorneys of the O’Connor Law Group, LLC have significant experience handling Product Liability cases. Under the direction of attorney Bryan J. O’Connor, the attorneys of the O’Connor Law Group have recovered millions for victims of defective products including:

  • $4 million settlement for a 39 year old factory worker who sustained crushing injuries to both hands when working on a plastic molding machine in the western suburbs.  The manufacturer was a Canadian company. We were able to prove a manufacturing defect caused the heavy mold to disconnect, causing the crushing injury.  Bryan J O’Connor handled the case.
  • $2,975,000 settlement to a truck driver who sustained a chemical splash injury at an out-of state manufacturing plant while making a delivery of a hazardous chemical.  The defense blamed our client because he had forgotten his protective eyewear.  We were able to establish that it was likely that a plant worker inadvertently shut off a valve, creating back pressure in the system, causing the coupling to separate, allowing the chemical to splash onto our client’s face. He sustained severe vision loss as a result. Bryan J O’Connor handled the case.
  • $2.85 million settlement for 30 year old factory worker injured by an inadequately guarded steel slitting machine in an Elk Grove Village factory. This case was particularly complex since the manufacturer of the slitter had ceased doing business 15 years before the injury. We successfully argued that a successor company that represented on its website that it was the same company as the original manufacturer was responsible for defective products made by the original company. This settlement included a total waiver of a $480,000 workers compensation lien, for an effective total settlement of $3.3 million. Bryan J. O’Connor and Robert B Baal were lead counsel in this case.
  • Undisclosed confidential settlement for family of 19 year old college honor student, who died in a Bronco II rollover collision, caused by the dangerously unstable design of the sports utility vehicle. Bryan J O’Connor was lead counsel in the case.
  • $1.5 million jury verdict for an elderly woman who suffered carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a defective hot water boiler, which was less than two years old. We proved that the boiler was defectively manufactured with inadequate anti-corrosion protection. Bryan J. O’Connor and Robert B Baal were lead counsel in the case.
  • $750,000 settlement for burn injuries to an 11year old girl, based on a claim of excessive flammability of a coat the child was wearing. The incident occurred in the mid-1990s, and Bryan J O’Connor Jr took over the case 9 years later and successfully resolved for the client.
  • $2.1 million settlement for a 22 year old female who suffered burns when the engine of her Chrysler New Yorker caught fire. Our client was injured when she opened the hood after seeing smoke, and was suddenly burned on the face and hands. We proved that the design of the vehicle’s fuel injectors was defective, and was prone to spraying drops of gasoline on a hot engine, leading to the fire. Bryan J. O’Connor was lead counsel in the case.
  • $10 million settlement for the wrongful deaths of family members residing in a home on the South Side who died from carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a leak from a defective high-efficiency furnace. Lawyers for the family proved that the furnace manufacturer was aware that this newly designed furnace was prone to corrosion, eventually causing a carbon monoxide leak. Bryan J. O’Connor was co-counsel for plaintiffs in the case.
  • $1 million settlement for the family of 68 year old retired electrician who died from heart attack allegedly caused by consuming Vioxx for arthritis. Bryan J O’Connor Jr. was lead counsel for plaintiff.

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